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SMSQL 7.X to SC 4.1 migration



There is any way to perform a migration of SMSQL snapshot metadata and schedules to snapcenter 4.1?

We are not using SnapVault and the databases reside on VMDK


Thank you!


Re: SMSQL 7.X to SC 4.1 migration



You can import only those backups that were archived using SnapVault technology from SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server to SnapCenter from the command-line interface.


  1. Perform the following steps to create schedules similar to SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server schedules manually in SnapCenter:
    1. Retrieve the schedule information from SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server by using the Get-SmSchedule cmdlet.
    2. Save the schedule information.
      You can use this schedule information while creating policies in SnapCenter.
    3. Disable SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server schedules by using the Get-SmSchedule -Hostname <hostname> -PluginCode SMSQL -DisableCurrentGenSchedule cmdlet.
  2. Import archived backups by using the Invoke-SmBackupMigration cmdlet.
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