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SMSQL 7.X to SC 4.1 migration



There is any way to perform a migration of SMSQL snapshot metadata and schedules to snapcenter 4.1?

We are not using SnapVault and the databases reside on VMDK


Thank you!




You can import only those backups that were archived using SnapVault technology from SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server to SnapCenter from the command-line interface.


  1. Perform the following steps to create schedules similar to SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server schedules manually in SnapCenter:
    1. Retrieve the schedule information from SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server by using the Get-SmSchedule cmdlet.
    2. Save the schedule information.
      You can use this schedule information while creating policies in SnapCenter.
    3. Disable SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server schedules by using the Get-SmSchedule -Hostname <hostname> -PluginCode SMSQL -DisableCurrentGenSchedule cmdlet.
  2. Import archived backups by using the Invoke-SmBackupMigration cmdlet.
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