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SnapMirror compatibility for Clusters that are cross-replicating

Hi All,


As part of the upgrade plan: Target Ontap = 9.5

ONTAP 9.1[Current] to 9.3 to 9.5 [step ugprade all in one go per cluster ]

We have multiplle cDOTs, but unlike traditional model where source & destination are clearly defined as separte controllers for source & DR, all cDOTs  here are cross replicate each other, in short they are both source, and DR for other filers (Prod/DR both).

Concern : As these cDOTs run various PROD/DR envionmnet, we will do upgrade of each cluster one at a time. Which means, one cDOT will be at 9.5 and rest at 9.1.


Info: 90% are DP


Checking SnapMirror comatability matrix for type-DP:


Results: 9.1 as source cannot have a destination of 9.5, period. And, b'cos of cross-replication, source will be at 9.5 and detinations will be at 9.1. Looks big NO NO.

Next thing I thought of is : Can version-flexible snapmirror rescue us ?

Good news I read: You can easily convert an existing DP-type relationship to XDP to take advantage of version-flexible SnapMirror.


It further reads : Although resync does not require a baseline transfer, it can be time-consuming. That makes me smile b'cos of no re-basing.


Can experts advise if this approach will work, and any other precautions to be considered for what would be an  staggered upgrade?




Re: SnapMirror compatibility for Clusters that are cross-replicating

i've been converting people to version flexable for this very reason.   It'll be worth it in the end.    



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Re: SnapMirror compatibility for Clusters that are cross-replicating

Thanks, SpindleNinja . I appreciate it.


As there are no more suggestions to this thread (Though I would have love to hear more user experiences on this one) , I will mark this reply as resolved.

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