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Snapcenter 4.1.1 HANA ERROR "UnQuiesce -SCC-00161: Application unquiesce for plug-in [hana] failed"




We have and error when we try to make a snapthot.


The errors are generated after the snapshot is creted.When the snapenter try to unquiesce de appplication an error appears. This is the error:


SCC-00161: Application unquiesce for plug-in [hana] failed with exit code [-1] and error :
* 2: general error: Backup error: Snapshot operation failed for database(s) { 4: Backint exited with exit code 1 instead of 0. console output: ********************** DEFAULT ERROR REPORT ********************************* 15 [12:1] [2002] 1564741670 SAPHANA_BACKINT a0hana011p.fcc.intfcc.local [139:224] /opt/omni/lbin/saphana_backint [2] No such file or directory ***************************************************************************** 15 [139:220] /usr/sap/H14/SYS/global/hdb/opt/hdbbackint }. SQLSTATE: HY000
Failed to close HANA data backup snapshot with backup ID [1564741663854]
* 2: general error: Backup error: No valid snapshot has been found SQLSTATE: HY000
Failed to drop HANA snapshot.


I have check the file /opt/omni/lbin/saphana_backint and the file exist and the link between hdbbackint and this file exists.

¿Any idea what is going on?





Please open a netapp support case and upload snapgather logs for analysis .



@emilio_fernandez  as suggested our experts please raise a support ticket and share the required details.


Please update the ticket number here, we will do the needful. Let us know if you need any further assitance.

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