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Snapmirror over FC 7-mode 8.1.4P1




I have several doubts, I start with the first one.

I have 2 single fas 3250 cabins with version 8.1.4P1, I want to make snapmirror from controller A to controller B. For this I have Controller A port c0 (FC) connected to the switch and Controller B port c0 (FC) to the same switch fiber. On the switch I have pending zoning, and there comes my doubt. The snapmirror I want it to be from a volume from controller A to controller B, so I don't know what kind of property I have to give to port 0c of controller A, should it be target or initiator? And that of controller B, port 0c, must be target or initiator?


Controller A has the data and I want to replicate it to Controller B, should the 0c of the controller A be Target and the port 0c of the Controller should be Initiator?

Then on the switch to do the zoning that I should take as WWN, that is, if I have the port in 0c initiator I get this:
FC Node Name: 5: 00a: 098003: 532928
FC Port Name: 5: 00a: 098003: 532928

They are equal.

But if I set it to Target type they are different,

FC Nodename: 50: 0a: 09: 80: 88: 60: 79: 86 (500a098088607986)
FC Portname: 50: 0a: 09: 81: 88: 60: 79: 86 (500a098188607986)

Which one would you use on the Switch, FC Portname?



Then when I set the snapmirror, where do I tell the netapp booth to do the snapmirror for FC?


The other question is that later I would like to configure snapvault, but I don't know if I have the licenses and if I don't have them I don't know which ones I would need.
I put the output of the licenses I have



CLCALC03-01> license
cf_remote not licensed
compression ENABLED
disk_sanitization ENABLED
flash_cache ENABLED
flex_clone not licensed
flex_scale ENABLED
flexcache_nfs ENABLED
insight_balance not licensed
multistore ENABLED
nearstore_option ENABLED
operations_manager ENABLED
persistent_archive ENABLED
protection_manager ENABLED
provisioning_manager ENABLED
smdomino not licensed
smsql not licensed
snapdrive_windows not licensed
snaplock not licensed
snaplock_enterprise not licensed
snapmanager_hyperv not licensed
snapmanager_oracle not licensed
snapmanager_sap not licensed
snapmanager_sharepoint not licensed
snapmanager_vi not licensed
snapmanagerexchange not licensed
snapmirror ABCDEFG
snapmirror_sync ENABLED
snapmover ENABLED
snaprestore ABCDEFG
snapvalidator not licensed
storage_services ENABLED
sv_application_pri not licensed
sv_linux_pri ENABLED
sv_ontap_pri not licensed
sv_ontap_sec not licensed
sv_unix_pri ENABLED
sv_vi_pri ENABLED
sv_windows_ofm_pri ENABLED
sv_windows_pri ENABLED
syncmirror_local not licensed
v-series not licensed



Can snapvault be configured by the fc protocol?



Sorry for so many doubts and so extensive.

Trank you very much,




chapter "SnapMirror over Fibre Channel" p.197

Hi Sergey_Osipov, 


Thank you very much for participating and answering my question.




In the document it comments this of the cards of FC:


Adapter name Number of Fibre Channel
Port speed
X1124 2 4 Gb
X1142A-R6 2 8 Gb
X1142A-R6-C 2 8 Gb
Note: The adapters that are mentioned in the preceding table are the only ones that support Fibre
Channel Virtual Interface (FCVI) Architectural Mapping. FCVI functionality is not supported by
other FC adapters or FC ports in the systems.





The FC I have is this:

slot 0: FC Host Adapter 0c (QLogic 2432 rev. 2, N-port, <UP>)
Firmware rev: 5.4.100
Host Port Id: 0x15cbe
FC Node Name: 5:00a:098003:532928
FC Port Name: 5:00a:098003:532928
SFP Part Number: AFBR-57R6APZ-NA1
SFP Serial Number: B813442LKN
SFP Capabilities: 1, 2 or 4 Gbit
Link Data Rate: 4 Gbit
Switch Port: ??
slot 0: FC Host Adapter 0d (QLogic 2432 rev. 2, L-port, <OFFLINE (hard)>)
Firmware rev: 5.4.100
Host Loop Id: 0
FC Node Name: 5:00a:098103:532928
FC Port Name: 5:00a:098103:532928
SFP Part Number: AFBR-57R6APZ-NA1
SFP Serial Number: B813442LL0
SFP Capabilities: 1, 2 or 4 Gbit
Link Data Rate: N/A



Does it mean that the card I have is not compatible? From what I see in the manual it indicates 3 models that are FCVI type, and from what I see the one I have does not have that property (FCVI).

If it is not compatible. I have 1 free 1Gb ethernet port and I also have a card
slot 1: Dual 10G Ethernet Controller T320E-XFP
Device Type: CT-31-1
Version Number: T3-SRAM1.1.0-BR1040-20-E0-FW7.7.209-DR04
Serial Number: PT41090357
e1a MAC Address: 00: 07: 43: 06: 02: c8 (auto-unknown-down)
e1b MAC Address: 00: 07: 43: 06: 02: c9 (auto-unknown-down)

Could you do snapmirror with these cards?


Thanks very much.


Hi there!


Sorry for the delay in followup. Can you please run "sysconfig -ac" on your system? X1124 is a QLogic 2432 card, so I think that's the right card.

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