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Unexpected event Security.invalid.login


Hi All

Ive just started at a new place with 10 pairs of filers mostly 8040s.

They are all chucking out the same event approximatley every hour.

Security.invalid.login Failed to authenticate login attempt to vServer "Cluster-Name" , Username: Admin Application: OnTapi 


Sounds to me as if the filer Admin is missing a privilage has anyone seen this before and know the fix..?

(I wonder if one of my predesessors has hardened the environment perhaps just a little too much..)


Otherwise all seems to be functioniong well and without issue.

any help greatly appreaciated.

(BTW For once Google hasnt given me a lot on this !!!) 


Many Thanks All.



Re: Unexpected event Security.invalid.login


There must be any vendor or home grown tool which is trying to access ONTAP API on these pairs. You will keep getting these messages until they stop accessing or util they access with correct credentials. These tools may be Service Now, WFA, Grafana or home grown tools etc. 

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Re: Unexpected event Security.invalid.login


Hi there 


Nothing like that but your post did point me in the right direction.

Tracked it back to the NetApp storage plugin.


Looks like the Admin password had been changed on the filer but in the Plugin credentials.

updated it and hey presto ... all is good again, and at least we are not spamming ourselves with a 1000 warning emails every day ..!

Hope this helps someone else some time... 


Thanks for Your help.

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