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Volume Auto-grow at maximum


We are currently using Unified Manager 9.4

We are looking for a way to trigger an event/alert, when the auto-grow of a volume is at maximum. (It's unable to grow more)

Anyone have event done that?




Re: Volume Auto-grow at maximum


Hi Phillip,

Currently there isn't a built-in event that triggers in OCUM when max grow size is reached. However, since there is an ONTAP EMS event that triggers when a grow attempt fails, one could subscribe to that EMS event in OCUM by navigating to Configuration -> Manage Events -> Subscribe to EMS Events, and then subscribing to this event:

You would then need to create an alert in OCUM for EMS events.


The downside to this is that you will only be notified when a grow attempt fails instead of when the final successful grow event occurs. Here is a KB that outlines the process of subscribing to EMS events:


Here is another KB that might be helpful for understanding what types of autogrow events can be monitored:

Re: Volume Auto-grow at maximum


Hi Philip,


Have you consider implementing self-healing? Here is an example:


Depending on the OCUM version you are running you can use the script plugin to attach a script to an alarm. When the OCUM alarm is triggered by an event the script will be executed to invoke a WFA workflow and resize the volume. It would also be possible to use the script to directly resize the volume if you don't use WFA. This will enable you to workaround issues with auto-grow reaching it's maximum size however you might want to consider implementing some logic to put some limits on the process to ensure volumes don't grow indefinatley and fill the aggregate.


Hope that gives you some ideas. Please let me know if you have any questions?



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Re: Volume Auto-grow at maximum


Thanks for the info Michael.

It's not totally what I would like to do, but it's going to help.

Re: Volume Auto-grow at maximum


Hi Matt,


Yes that's exactly what we were thinking of doing.


Re: Volume Auto-grow at maximum


You may also consider installing a system-monitoring solution like nagios (or op5, or Icinga, ...) and use a plugin for monitoring volumes that autogrow: See for an example.

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