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Where to add new disks shelves into existing cluster??


Hey guys, I am trying to install two additional disk shelves to this cluster.  I know, this is ugly...long story.  Where would you suggest I add the trays in the chain?  Thanx in advance.


A10 Netapp SAS cabling diagram small.JPG





It's very hard for me to understnad how many stack you have and which HBA port you are using to connect these shelfs .


I believe the below document will help you chossing the right place for the new shelfs




"This can't be too hard" *clicks link* .. "Oh.."


I think your diagram must be wrong.. it looks like 10,11,12,13,14 are in a stack, but with assymetric in/out links.


If you can ensure ActiveIQ is enabled, and then message me your system hostname and serial number, I'd be curious to check what I can see from ActiveIQ/Autosupport.




I think there are two stacks, 10 in each but I too am confused by the SAS cabling.


Would it be wise to shutdown the cluster to add trays 21 and 22?


That should not be necessary - however depending on the state of the cabling, it might be the best idea.


Please ensure ASUP is turned on, and send me the serial numbers of the system and we'll go from there.


@BlueEcho  can you please look into the respnse given by our expert and let us know if you need any further assistance?

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