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cDOT 8.2.3p4 vserver's root vol has large NDP foler


We have a cDot vserver with a normal 1Gb root vol and 2 LS mirrors - the root vol is very nearly full because something has recently written to a directory in it called NDP (so I presummed it was something related to neighbor discovery)...However the other vservers on the same cluster are fine.

There are some metadata folder within this NDP folder with <vserver name>/ndp/es/snapshots/...


Any idea what they are?



Hi there!


I can't find anything in our documentation one way or the other on this topic, sorry. No cases, no knowledge base articles, and all the references in our codebase look to be related to network discovery as well. If the root is shared, it could be written into by any authorised system.





Thanks for the response, that confirms at least I'm not going mad and simply can't find the appropriate docs.  I suspect it may be the manner in which our CommVault server backs up things using ndmp too (because of the mention of snapshots in the path) however am a little confused why that has anything to do with NDP - a different mechanism entirely as far as I am aware.


Ignorance abounds 🙂

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