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installed OVF of SVC 7.2

Hi All,

we have installed a OVA of the new VSC 7.2 and registerd the VM to the VCENTER to the MGMT lif of the SVM.

i saw on some of the sites that there isnt rapid clone anymore so how i can make sure that the SVC is working and it isnt working with the normal clone on the VC. i had a whole team that was working with the rapid clone and cloning as many VMs that wanted in one click is there is any option of doing this also today with the recent VSC 7.2.


Re: installed OVF of SVC 7.2

Rapid cloning feature was removed from 7.x series, however we're looking into bring this function back in future releases via REST API's,  For now you can try provisioning via PowerCLI or NetApp WFA.

Check out the KB!
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