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netapp-harvest capacity metrics for volumes


Hi all,

We recently setup netapp-harvest (1.6) with graphite/grafana !

Our config files includes : 3  cDot FAS and one OCUM (ActiveIQ 9.6) server.

Many capacity metrics are getting into the graphite/carbon, eg :


  • actual_volume_size
  • afs_avail
  • afs_daily_growth_rate
  • afs_total
  • afs_total
  • afs_total_used_per_day
  • afs_used_percent
  • compression*
  • dedupe*
  • overwrite*
  • snapshot*
  • total

My goal is to simply graph usedSize/totalSize and as you can notice usedSize is not present for any volume !


Is there any problem between NetappHarvest 1.6 and Active IQ (ex-OCUM) 9.6 ?


My 2 cents... maybe helping :

netapp-worker:#2591 my $headers = { Accept => 'application/vnd.netapp.object.inventory.performance.hal+json'};


To retrieve capacity informations, the corresponding header (as indicated in API documentation) should be :






Re: netapp-harvest capacity metrics for volumes


Hi @yannb - Might you have any suggestions here?

Re: netapp-harvest capacity metrics for volumes


Re: netapp-harvest capacity metrics for volumes


Hi GS,


This is strange, since Harvest should also get the counter usedSize afs_used (active file system used)! Can you check which template Harvest is using for OCUM? And that afs-used is in the list of volume counters in the template?


Btw, afs_used_percent is exactly what you are looking for, but this is calculated internally by Harvest, so if for some strange reason it's not getting afs-used from OCUM, then this counter shoud also be incorrect.


Don't worry line 2591 in worker, it is completely unrelated to this case (also it's the most tested line in 1.6, so it should be fine :)).

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Re: netapp-harvest capacity metrics for volumes


@StockageUGA  Please check the response given by our experts.

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