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snapcenter plugin for mysql

I am new to this plugin and not sure how to configure the plugin for a mysql database. Are there parameters neede din the custom configuration area? and what might they be? is this in the resource setup or in the policy? I see the options in both. I think I have things setup but am getting the following error


My resuorce custome config  has

USERNAME   xxxxx

PASSWORD   xxxxxx

HOST       xxxxxx

PORT  3306

Do I need more or other options?






Re: snapcenter plugin for mysql

On the NetApp documentation site, you will find some useful documentation such as:

Document Name : SnapCenter software Installation and setup Guide : Page 154 onwards.


However, I found one webpage while googling,  which shows step by step guide to configure mysql, so please have a look and see if you have missed any key option [In your config, I see Host & Port, but Master_slave is not populated].



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