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Dear Team, I would like to, ""Automate my daily NetApp Tasks (DB Backup execution, Space Usage monitoring & Bringing the NetApp Filer UP / Down at reg more
Im trying to consider how to migrate an on-prem Oracle RAC solution to AWS. Im aware RAC is not supported on AWS nor do i really want to keep it just more
Hi community ,   i would like to test CVO Azure in CIFS DR scenario perspective. I don't have Azure account, is there simple way to test with a free t more
Hello,   Any one deployed OCUM server on a AWS machine (WIN or Not) to monitor ONTAP Cloud instances ? This is as alternate to cloud insigth ,but i wa more
Can I set up a snapmirror relation between Alatvault and the OnTap cluster, and I can control what snapshots should be moved to Altault and what shoul more
What tools or mechanism you would use to Monitor Altavault and alert users on issues?   We dont' receive any alerts when ALV has issues. Thanks!
Hi,   Currently deploying OCCM trough the Azure Marketplace. I've enabled a Managed Service Identity and assigned a role trough the Json format to bot more
Getting error while trying to install trident with backend volume as ontap cloud(AWS).  Steps - Create a volume on ontap-cloud cluster - added info to more
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In the NetApp storage model, the basic unit is the RAID group.  RAID groups are combined into pools called Aggregates.  Logical containers called Flex more
We're officially partnering with Google Cloud to bring Cloud Volumes to Google Cloud Platform. Here's George Kurian, NetApp CEO, and Diane Greene, Goo more
Hy allHere is a simple but powerfull POSH script for VISIO your C-Mode config.You need the have the latest release of PowerShell 1.7 and MS Office VIS more
Monitoring storage controller performance, or diagnosing a performance issue, is simplified by starting with a high-level picture of controller metric more