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What error is this?   Internal error: Cannot update server (Failed to execute the http method for request https://0da44afd-4051-474e-8a1e-5ab17b9f33ed more
Two aggregates here: one is attaching to AWS-S3, aggr-aws, the other is attached to StorageGrid, aggr-sg.   Suppose a volume in aggr-aws with "snapsho more
I installed and Configured OCI for Netapp Arrays. I downloaded NetApp Node HeadRoom report from more
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Hi team,   does NetApp SaaS Backup support public folders in Exchange online? I can't work it out from the documentation.   Thanks,   Matt
I installed and Configured OCI for Netapp Arrays. I am able to get the cosumed iops of storage pool by using "/assets/storagePools/23/performance". Ho more
I have a volume that is about 876GB in size with around 60,000 files that I want to copy to AWS, to an ONTap Cloud Instance, using Cloud Sync via CIFS more
Hello, We are a partner and we would like to deploy Cloud Insights in our customer base. I am trying to add myself as an admin on each of the customer more
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In the NetApp storage model, the basic unit is the RAID group.  RAID groups are combined into pools called Aggregates.  Logical containers called Flex more
We're officially partnering with Google Cloud to bring Cloud Volumes to Google Cloud Platform. Here's George Kurian, NetApp CEO, and Diane Greene, Goo more
Hy allHere is a simple but powerfull POSH script for VISIO your C-Mode config.You need the have the latest release of PowerShell 1.7 and MS Office VIS more
Monitoring storage controller performance, or diagnosing a performance issue, is simplified by starting with a high-level picture of controller metric more