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Data Collector created, but, no data collector showing up???



This is a two part problem. First off, I signed up, got my web page, and got my encoded script to run for installing telegraf.

Saw it install and start up.  However, it's been 30 minutes and there is no data, in fact, even the data collector hasn't shown up as an object in the web page!  I see telegraf is attempting to talk to a compute instance in EC2, but I don't know if it is/has been successful, or is just retrying...?


Part 2 - Since none of it was arriving, I assumed I should click/select either basic or standard, and chose basic.  Well, stupid me, I should not have chosen anything, as I wanted my trial to run for the 14 days, not 30 minutes.  Any way to undo that blunder?



Hi BeeKay,

Apologies that the trial flow was confusing, and you couldn't see the data as expected.

Your tenant was converted back to a trial and you have data reporting into the system.


Actually, no, this did not solve my problem completely.

I see plenty of options for what to collect now, but I still do not see my data collector.


Sadly, troubleshooting has been fruitless as well.  Perhaps I need to reinstall?


Are there any good "uninstall" instructions to go with it?


@BeeKay  can you let us know if you got the solution?


@RajeshPanda wrote:

@BeeKay  can you let us know if you got the solution?

Hey - I saw you wanted more info.  I can't get this for you right now, but I will check back in when I can review it.


I definitely want this to work....



Hi BeeKay,

You won't see collector listed now; try to create a query for 'Node Disk', or other assets (Node filesystem, etc), . You should have data collected.

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