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Migrate/Sync data from on-prem NFS to Azure NetApp Files


I see in your blog, that CloudSync is an option suggested to move data from on-prem NFS to Azure NetApp Files , for which we have to create a Data broker in Azure Linux Host with port 443 open to connect to internet.


My on-premises network is connected to Azure using ExpressRoute and i want to connect my replication/migration/Sync to go over ExpressRoute and not over internet. We want to use ExpressRoute for replication , in order to take advantage of  the speed it gives (Internet is slower compared to  Azure ExpressRoute tranfers)


Does the CloudSync transfer from on-prem to Azure NetApp Files over INTERNET or over the ExpressRoute ?

In case CloudSync transfers over Internet , what about using XCP ? Does XCP help to replicate data over express Route.



Both approaches use most preferred among available routes on the host running CloudSync (CloudSync broker) or XCP.