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Missing NTFS Permissions on subfolders on a mixed share & wrong Unix-User


I had last weeks strange permission issues on a mixed folder


CIFS: Shared: No NTFS Permission was displayed - the share was via CLI displayed with effective permissions "unix" and in unix the share hat nobody:nobody  which means that it was not possible to chown user and group via nfs and it was only possible to display the share via CIFS / Windows but it was not possiblke to open the files in the folder...


I tried to find the right command in the documentation to change permissions directly on the volume... but it needs to long time for me and in there was a faster solution - i got access with domainadministrator - and i copied the files to a new folder - where the permissions was generated right and then i deleted the old folder...


but whats are the right cli  to change cifs and nfs  permissions on subfolder and filelevel