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Replication from onprem storage to azure netapp files


Hi Team,


We have an on prem netapp storage with snap mirror license, I would like to know how we can integrate the on prem storage with azure netapp files.

Express route is in place and communication is established.

I see some links mention about Cloud Manager tool, however I would like to know if we have something from oncommand system manager 





Azure NetApp Files does not support SnapMirror. In order to integrate it with your on-prem NetApp infrastructure, you can use any file-based replication tool, such as Cloud Sync. You can find more information about how to migrate your data to Azure NetApp Files here: FAQs About Azure NetApp Files | Microsoft Docs




ONTAP 9.9.1 adds "System Manager support for SnapMirror Cloud"




Is Cloud Manager required to use the cloud backup feature in System Manager for ONTAP 9.9.1?

Answer: You can back up and restore volumes to ONTAP S3 by using SnapMirror Cloud without a
requirement for Cloud Manager. The restoration is provided back to the original cluster only for full
volume restore (a new volume will be created). For backup to a public cloud (Amazon Web Services
[AWS], Azure, or Google Cloud), System Manager will leverage Cloud Manager by using the Cloud
Backup Service (CBS). In this workflow, additional functions such as single-file restore are available
through CBS and ISV partner apps. If you are using an ISV backup app with SnapMirror Cloud, then the
configuration can be done by using that app – do not use System Manager to configure SnapMirror Cloud
in this case


Hello Pedro,


Do you have any documents which can help in integrating on prem storage to azure netapp files.

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