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Hi All,


I have a question about the period when TestDrive can be used.
I found the following sentence.

Able to dedicate long periods of time?
Each of these TestDrives are designed to be run for an hour and in some cases up to two hours.
Each TestDrive is marked with the time limit of the environment.
The Lab guide is designed to take up to 75% of the lab time and give you some freedom to explore.

I am glad to that TestDrive's available time was expanded to two hours.

So, I want to know about "some cases".

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Hello Keneko-san,


My apoloties for the delay in a response as I need to look at my notification settings to understand why I wasn't notified.


in regards to your question


     I am glad to that TestDrive's available time was expanded to two hours.

     So, I want to know about "some cases".


This is referring to future test-drives that might be more involved.  As example, we are currently working on a much more involved TestDrive that will be available for use for two hours once the resoruces have been fully deployed.  The expectation is that a user will complete the exercises in approximately 50 to 60 minutes, but will also like to "play" with some other capabilities.


The duration of the test drives is something we can control, and is set after a some internal testers have had a chance to go through a dry run.  If you feel that the duration is a little short, please contact use at 


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Hi Kevin-san,


Thank you for your reply.


I'm planning that I get a visitor to experience the operation of Cloud ONTAP in NetApp Booth of AWS summit Tokyo 2015.
So, I want to use the Test Drive.
But, the Test Drive had 2 issues of 20-minute preparation time and 1-hour operation time to my plan.
I contact, and I will try to discuss with team what I can offer.


Thank you for your advice!