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When can Cloud ONTAP support 16TB EBS?


Hi All,

I have two question.

AWS is planning to support 16TB EBS.
Can the current Cloud ONTAP support it?

If 1) is yes, I want to know aggregate and volume's limitations.
  Aggregate  - Max per instance
             - Max size
             - Min number of disks
             - Max number of disks
             - Max number of disks across all aggregates
  FlexVol    - Max size

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Kaneko -


See the 'Storage Limits' page of the Cloud Ontap Documentation:


What NetApp will do in the future has to be left to the internal roadmap.

I would guess these limits will be increasing.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff, Sr.
Independent NetApp Consultant
Senior NetApp Instructor, IT Learning Solutions
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Hi Kashpureff-san,


Thank you for your reply.

I was checking the limitation of Cloud ONTAP.

It was described limitation of Aggregate is 6TB.

But, it was also described that FlexVol is 50TB. 


Therefore, I asked question because I thought that 16TB EBS is supported by the current Cloud ONTAP version.
I will wait announcement of 16TB EBS support.



best regards





AWS has announced but not yet released 16TB EBS volumes. Cloud ONTAP support for 16TB EBS volumes is something that is being considered for the roadmap.







Thank you for your reply.

I will wait for roadmap.




It seems that AWS already release 16TB EBS volumes.
Do you have information about this update ?


Best regards,


The upcoming release of Cloud Manager and Cloud ONTAP will take advantage of the larger EBS GP2 sizes, in addition to offering the option to use EBS Magnetic volumes with a Cloud ONTAP system, as well as several additional features and enhancments.



While the EBS GP2 maximum voume size has increased to 16TB, the maximum disk size Cloud ONTAP will use is currently 8TB.  With the maximum number of 'disks' that can be attached to a Cloud ONTAP system that will put the maximum capcity around 350TB per Cloud ONTAP instance.  


EBS Magnetic:

The maximum size for a EBS Magnetic voume has stayed at 1TB.  With the maximum number of disks that can be attached to a Cloud ONTAP sytem, that will put the maximum Magnetic disk capcity around 45TB per Cloud ONTAP instance.


The upcoming release of Cloud Manager and Cloud ONTAP will be available very soon.


Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply.
That sounds great!
Additionaly, I would like to ask you about Maximum FlexVol volumes size.
Could you tell me the following with EBS GP2 using case?

Aggregates | Maximum number of disks |(currently 6):6 ?!
Aggregates | Maximum size |(currently 6 TB of raw capacity 😞 48TB ?!
FlexVol volumes| Maximum size |(currently 4.78 TB of usable space):38TB ?!

Best regards,


You are on the right track.


The maximum number of 'disks' per cloud ONTAP aggregate has not changed from 6.  There are several factors that go into that number, but mainly it's because AWS doesn't recommend any more than 6 'disks' (EBS Volumes) to be used in a RAID 0 configuration.


So, to address your questions for the upcoming release of Cloud Manager and Cloud ONTAP:


Aggregate Maximums:


  • Aggregate Size: 6 disks max (both GP2 and Magnetic)
  • Aggregate capacity:

     - GP2: 6 x 8TB = 48TB RAW

     - Mag: 6 x 1TB = 6TB RAW


Max Flexible volume size based on Max aggregate size:


     - GP2: ~ 42 TB usable per aggregate

     - Mag: ~ 5.2 TB usable per aggregate


The Flexvol capacities are aproximations, but also based on what I've seen.  I believe the overheads you used in your calculations were a bit too high.


Hope this helps.






Check out these highlighted features now available on Cloud  Manager 3.3:


  • Significant performance improvements - On both HA pairs and single node
  • Fabric Pool - Tier off your data from your EBS to S3, heat it up and serve from EBS when needed.
  • io1 and 16TB EBS support

and many other improvements and fixes.
Read all about it here:


Note - If you are upgrading from a pre 3.3 version, kindly update your IAM policy/role as described here:



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