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What happened to NDAS?

With 9.5, NDAS should be availale, but I could not find it from AMAZON Merketplace, nor from Cloud Central portal.


It looks not available to me.  Anybody here has any idea ?


Re: What happened to NDAS?

@netappmagic look for the release in around 2 weeks.  you will be able to sign up from our cloud portal on instead of have to hunt through the Amazon marketplace.

Re: What happened to NDAS?



Since you know NDAS well, I have a few follow-ups.


- On secondary cluster, what interfaces would be used to communicate with S3 bucket?

- Any ways can I move data from S3 to S3-IA?


Re: What happened to NDAS?

HI there - 

NDAS will use the intercluster LIFs of the default IP space to send data to the S3 bucket. So these would need external routability to reach the endpoint.

We support both S3 and S3-IA in the first release.

Re: What happened to NDAS?

Okay. Thanks,


Could LIF's for SnapMirrors be used for NDAS, since they are part of Default IP space, or should be seperated from them?



Re: What happened to NDAS?

You absolutely can use the same LIFs for both the primary-secondary SnapMirror as well as the NDAS copy to cloud. that's the way I have it set up in my lab - just the one set of IC lifs. So long as they have network connectivity to the AWS resources (specifically S3 bucket) and are in the default IP space, you're good

Re: What happened to NDAS?

Should we use NDAS to backup NFS/CIFS data only, or VMware NFS Datastores could be backed up as well?

Re: What happened to NDAS?

NDAS backs up volumes, based on an ONTAP snapshot like SnapMirror. You can then restore full volumes, or search the catalog for individual files or LUNs to restore.  So if you restored a full volume or a LUN containing VMs, then these would be restored, but with the snapshot-level consistency.


I can't discuss potential for VM-granular backup/restore here, but it's definitely something we can follow up on through your NetApp account team. 


Also, I should have earlier responded that NDAS is generally available.  You can see more information and register for a free 90-day trial at



NDAS video: NetApp Data Availability Services End to End demo





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Re: What happened to NDAS?


One more follow-up.


In order to implement NDAS, there will be extra space for snapshots on Primary storage, since the backup method is snapshots based. Correct?

Re: What happened to NDAS?

Yes it is snapshot-based - it uses SnapMirror from primary to secondary. So if you've already got local snapshot policy in place on your volumes, then there is no additional overhead. NDAS takes the daily labelled snapshot off the secondary and sends it to cloud. Your existing local volume snapshot policy on the volume will be used on the primary.

If you start to protect volumes with NDAS which don't have a local snapshot policy (e.g. if you'd disabled the default ONTAP snapshot policy for some reason),  then NDAS applies a default  policy which is the same as ONTAP's default policy - Hourly snapshot keep 6, daily snapshot keep 2, weekly snapshot keep 2. So those will consume space on the primary. As you know, ONTAP snapshots are space efficient so that only the changed blocks take up real space.

The NDAS interface in the Data Protection screen tells you what protection is currently in place for each volume - represented by the green shields. Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 2.03.53 PM.png


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