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Community Manager Introduction


Hi Everyone!

I'd like to take a few minutes to introduce myself to the NetApp Community. I'll also share some observations I've made since joining the company as Digital Support Community Manager at the start of 2020.

I've joined NetApp's Digital Support Operations team in RTP after nearly ten years at Extreme Networks. My tenure at Extreme included roles as a Technical Support Engineer, Escalation Engineer, Senior Lab Systems Engineer, and finally Community Manager. I'm proud to have made their community a viable and trusted option for customers and partners seeking product support and advice and I hope to have the same success here at NetApp.


When I'm not busy with "work stuff," I enjoy 🎮 gaming, college 🏈 sports 🏀, and craft beers. Belgian beers are my favorite! 🍻


In the past two months, I've updated email templates, the site logo, header, and footer, fixed broken accounts, and helped get more of the A-Team members on-board (they're green now, btw). I'll also be aligning the community more closely with brand styling and color standards. There's a number of community feature improvements that I'll be updating in the coming weeks as well. An upgrade of the post editor is first of those and is scheduled to go-live this Wednesday! I'll share another post about that tomorrow.


Beyond the community site itself, we know many topics don't get the attention they deserve which leads to a poor experience. We're actively working on turning that around to help get YOU the information you're looking for in a much more timely manner. Look for more announcements on this topic soon!


I'm looking forward to being able to interact with new people and take advantage of the community's full potential! If you've got ideas for improvement, please share them with me!




Community Manager \\ NetApp


Welcome Drew!