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Documentation for MySQL NetApp Cloud

Good afternoon, I'm new to NetApp, I was given the task to transfer the site grid from our local database to your cloud, I find some information:, but I need a more detailed description, could someone provide detailed documentation on the cloud?


Re: Documentation for MySQL NetApp Cloud

Even I don't know much about the 'cloud' side of the NetApp. May be these articles will help you, why don't you get in touch with NetApp for this service, or contact your assigned account Manager. As you said you are new to NetApp, and this piece especially requires some degree of cloud knowledge and NetApp. Please reach out to your Account Manager or NetApp professional services.


Streamlining MySQL Deployment Using Cloud Volumes Service:

Self-Managed MySQL Server with Azure NetApp Files:


How it Works?
1) Create volumes to host SQL data
2) Mount volumes to SQL
3) Migrate databases to volumes.


Migrating Your SQL Applications To and From the Cloud: [This is a demo-video, requires your business email-ID].


MySQL Database Migration: Amazon EC2-Hosted vs. Amazon RDS

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Re: Documentation for MySQL NetApp Cloud

Thanks for the advice and links! I am afraid that my company will not approve the fact that I am contacting support, which is why I decided to contact the community. Well, in principle, the sites are actually very simple (for example) and I think I can handle it with the help of the documentation that you advised. Thanks again!

Re: Documentation for MySQL NetApp Cloud

Sounds good. I am sure, it's doable. You seem confident.

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