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DB2 Plugin version


I planned to use SC with DB2 plugin for cloning purpose and I saw there are many activities on

What version I should use, the Snapcreator framework 4.0 with out of the box DB2 plugin or is there a way to integrate that latest from github?

I'm confused,  is that someone can enlighten me.



Re: DB2 Plugin version


Hello François,

Please use the integrated DB2 plugin that comes with SnapCreator Framework 4.0.


Siva Ramanathan

Re: DB2 Plugin version


Just by curiosity, if I need use git repo, how can I integrate perl script in SC.

Is there a documentation to explain that?


Re: DB2 Plugin version


If you are simply looking for SC to run a PERL script, it is easy.

example: PRE_APP_QUIESCE_CMD01=perl /scripts/

You may use sh, ksh, bash etc as well with CMD01, CMD02 syntax.

If you are asking about a custom APP that you put together as a perl module, then you can use the below example.


  1. scAgentX.X.X/plugins/YOURPLUGIN/
  2. scServerX.X.X/plugins/ YOURPLUGIN/

The plug-in will be loaded in Snap Creator with the APP_NAME parameter, in this case APP_NAME=YOURPLUGIN


You will need to restart the scAgent after placing the file.

(Example: for POSTRGRES, you download the plugin from repository and place them under corresponding locations as mentioned above).

Please let me know if you have questions.

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