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Database exclusion on a full instance backup



MS SQL (several versions)


Hello everybody,

we backup many SQL Server via SnapCenter. Sometimes a database on a SQL Server is planned offline.

Is it possible to exclude a single database on a full instance backup job in SnapCenter?

Kind regards,




Thanks for your comments. I have included your concerns to the RFE .




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There is a thread (couple of years old) which raised a similar question around exclusion list.


However, the actual RFE (Request for Enhancement?) has no updates at all.


May be worth asking Support?




As of today, there is no way the user can exclude a database if the protection is configured at the instance level.

You must create a 'Resource Group' at the database level, including all individual Dbs of that instance. Then you can modify the resource group whenever required to exclude or include any newly created DBs




Thank you for the answer. A Resource Group at the database level isn´t a solution for us. We have many SQL Servers and the database team creates databases very often. The risk that we forget one of this databases would be to high. Perhaps there will be a solution in the next version. A solution shouldn´t be that difficult... 🙄


Thanks, Heiko


Once protected, backups at instance level should work seamlessly even if a new DB is created. This does not require any manual operation/update (other than resource discovery) on the SnapCenter side. The consecutive backup operation should automatically include the new DB. Isn't that working?


Yes, since the protection is at instance level - exclusion of individual DB is not possible. Even if a DB is not in the proper state, the backup job should be giving a warning against that particular DB. 


We need the exclusion to avoid this warnings. Sometimes the database team set a database to status offline (sometimes for several days). If we don´t exclude this (offline) database from the backup a warning occurs every day.

We want to avoid these warnings for two reasons:

1. Every warning causes a task for the backup operators.

2. Every year we has to create backup reports for the auditors and we has to explain the many warnings.


SnapManager exclude offline databases automatically 😉


Thanks for your comments. I have included your concerns to the RFE .




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