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SnapCenter SQL option to ignore offline databases?

Hi everyone


Problem description


I have deployed SnapCenter in an environment with several hundred SQL databases. On a regular basis databases (not instances) are deliberately taken offline for various resons.


When a SnapCenter backup job encounters an offline databases it generates a warning accompanied by the following error message:


SQL Databases ({DB-name}) is not on NetApp storage or in an invalid state




Is there any way of making SnapCenter ignore (or omit producing a warning) when encountering an offline database? An option to mark specific databases to be ignored would be preferrable.


As a workaround I could individually select all databases separately. However, having a dynamic environment where databases are added/remove on a regular basis this would be almost impossible to maintain.





SnapCenter 3.0.1 (server & plug-ins)



Best regards,

Mikkel Kjaer



Re: SnapCenter SQL option to ignore offline databases?



unfortunately there is no such an option at this stage.


RFE: SnapCenter should allow full instance backup with database exclusion list on database plugins

Re: SnapCenter SQL option to ignore offline databases?

Hi matte


Thank you for the update.


I'm subscribing the bug/RFE. Christmas being right around the corner I'm feeling confident we will see this functionality implemented soon 🙂



Best regards,

Mikke Kjaer


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