.Snapcenter issue communicating to NAS file catalog on port 8145

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Snapcenter 2.0  issue communicating to NAS file catalog on port 8145, port on the liux server is not opened.


2017-06-17T23:02:22.9232329+01:00 ERROR SnapManagerWeb_20 PID=[5288] TID=[ApisJobNotificationHandler:210] Exception in method: InvokeXML. System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoConnect(EndPoint endPointSnapshot, SocketAddress socketAddress) at System.Net.ServicePoint.ConnectSocketInternal(Boolean connectFailure, Socket s4, Socket s6,


ERROR SnapManagerWeb_19 PID=[5288] TID=[ApisJobNotificationHandler:210] System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'SnapMgrContracts.SmJobData' to
type 'SMCoreContracts.SmApplyProtectionRequest'. at SnapManager.SMSDAL.Job.JobHelper.GetJobData[T](Int64 jobId)



Any other port to be used ? 







Re: .Snapcenter issue communicating to NAS file catalog on port 8145



The port needs to be open on the agent host. Check if a firewall is running on the agent host:

            # service iptables status
            If the firewall is running, you either need to open port 8145 on it or turn it off. Run the following command to turn off the port:
            # service iptables stop
To test if the connectivity has been restored, go to the Inventory page in the SnapCenter GUI and select 'Refresh Resources'


Refer: (requires login)

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Re: .Snapcenter issue communicating to NAS file catalog on port 8145

I had same issue with v3.0 as well. Followed the steps in the threads and others, did not help. I finally download the Linux plugin and installed it at the Linux manually, after that, went to SnapCenter GUI, went through add host steps without any problem. Just FYI