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Using Snapdrive on agent host to perform snapshots

Hey Guys,

My configuration has SC 3.3 installed on a windows system as the SC server, and agents configured on multiple AIX  LPARS. I am running Informix on the LPARs and would like SC to engage snapdrive to perform the snapshot at a volume group level on the LPAR.   Before installing SC i used snapdrive snap create -vg informixvg -snapname <snapname>.  How do I force SC to implement this type of snapdrive snapshot through the agent?


Paul winkel


Re: Using Snapdrive on agent host to perform snapshots

Hi Paul,  This I don't think has been attempted before  I would try following NTAP_SNAPSHOT_DISABLE=Y SC_AGENT=host:port  PRE_NTAP_CMD01=snapdrive snap create -vg informixdg -snapname %SNAME-%SNAP_POLICY-%SNAP_TIME  Pre/Post cmds get fired through agent  So idea is we turn off snap creation in sc but allow deletion / mgmt and create snap through Pre SDU cmd   This is an idea only, SC was designed to take snaps from server not agent however this method above could work, if not you could create plugin to do this but plugin would have to provide snapshot mgmt as well.  Let me know if this crazy idea works 😉  Regards,  Keith

Re: Using Snapdrive on agent host to perform snapshots

Hey Keith,

I will try this out.  This environment will have around 150 LPARs each running Informix that need to be centrally managed.  SnapCreator is to be used as centralized backup and recovery for both Informix inside the LPARs and the boot LUNs for the LPARs themselves.

Take Care,


Re: Using Snapdrive on agent host to perform snapshots

I thought about this more, -snapname needs to change. Assuming SNAME=informix and --policy daily do: -snapname informix-daily-%SNAP_TIME this shoukd work, the question isnt around so much snap creation but deletion which we should be able to do from scServer. As I mentioned this wasnt designed to work but SC was designed for max flexibility to at least make things we didnt think of possible. I am sure you will find a great solution! Once you get things working please share what and how, I think this idea of central snapdrive mgnt is good.  Also dont forget to update config/agent.conf and add snapdrive to allow snapdrive commands, this is on afent side.  Keith

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