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3.5.0 multiple controllers?


What I'm seeing in the GUI (multiple IPs for controllers) does not match what I'm seeing in the config files (single entry in NTAP_USERS variable).

I have volumes being shared from both sides of my cluster.  Each controller has 2 IPs.  I started with the IP that I use for basic admin.  I then saw in error logs, that it couldn't talk to the controller on the other IP (the IP that I'm serving NFS to vCenter).  I've since added the NFS IP for each controller.  So, I have 3 IPs showing in the controller login credential section.  I setup the schedule for a one-time run.  It failed.

The errors listed are:

[Fri Jan 27 10:18:06 2012] ERROR: [vmw-00004] not found in storage controller/vserver list!

[Fri Jan 27 10:18:06 2012] ERROR: [scf-00049] Auto Discovery for plugin vibe failed with exit code 1, Exiting!

My NTAP_USERS variable in the config file has only 1 entry - not multiple, semi-colon delimited. is one of the 3 listed in my controller list.



nevermind.  After a fat finger on the password, since there is no delete in the gui for controller logins, I had to copy a new config and then load that.  Once loaded, I added the other controller IPs and forgot to save.