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AltaVault Backup Mode size


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is not clear to me how many TB I can have to store locally backed up data prior to tier them to i.e. a StorageGRID system (cloud).


In the AV FAQ I can read that Backup Mode is optimized for repeating datasets and rapid backups and recoveries. In Backup mode, the AltaVault appliance keeps recent copies of regularly recurring backups in cache for quick recoveries, while also vaulting data out to the cloud. Dedupe rates typically are higher in backup mode. Cloud capacity is limited to 5 times that of the cache.


Assuming that I have an AVA-v32 its 32 TB of usable cache 32*5=160 TB of "Cloud capacity supported". Does this mean that I can store up to 160 TB of backed up data locally to the AVA prior to tier them externally?
And what's about the "Logical Cloud Capacity" assumed at its maximum as a 30*160 (always with AVA-v32 model), so that 4,8 PB? I can store on a StorageGRID up to 4.8 PB?


In other words it's not clear to me this "cache" role? Think to backup in its most general form.

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as of my understanding, the local cache is the physically available and usable space for the appliance. 5x this size is the available cloud capacity. The logically cloud capacity is including all deduplication savings from the appliance and because of that the value is much higher.

Since deduplication is also working locally, you will be able to save more than 32TB locally, but never as much as in the cloud.


In general: Backup data gets written to Altavault, will be stored on local cache and gets almost immediatly written to the cloud as well.