Data Backup and Recovery

Backup/DR solution with tight RTO



I have a customer who has around 100 VMs (vmware) and 30 MS SQL VMs. He wants to backup and DR servers and DBs every 1h, and SQL logs every 15 minutes. Also he wants to get all systems back within 1h on DR site (RTO)

What is the best solution for the whole environment?


- I understand there are SnapManager for SQL/VI, SnapCenter SQL/VI and vmware SRM as separate products... but what should I use if I need 1h RTO for all the systems?

- I would pick SRM, it would automate failover, but what should I do with 15min SQL log backups? Will SQL servers recover from SRM/SnapMirror replica?

- If I go with SRM and SnapCenter SQL, then how would I recover if disaster happens. There are 30 DB servers and even more databases... Restore each DB one-by-one after SRM finishes?

- Will my SQL backups be consistent if I use SnapCenter VI? What to do with 15 min Log backup requirement then?

- Is SnapCenter for SQL 3.0 production ready from your experience? There are 30 servers x 5 DBs in each x 15min log backups = a lot of work to do! Currently a single Log backup runs for 5 minutes. It should be fast, but it is not. How often should I do DB backup if I have 15min Log backups (every hour/day)?

- Maybe other solutions? Like SRM + SQL native backup and replicate backup files?


Please share your experience!

Thank you.