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Can't connect to localhost?


I have a configuration setup where I call a second SC config via a POST script. This is a configuration I have setup to do a P -> SVM -> SV cascade. Most of the time this works fine, sometimes though I get an error from the post script and exit code 1, yet the log from the second SC run indicates that everything was successful (and snapshots on filer show the same).

config 1 -> snapshot and snapmirror -> post_transfer_script -> config 2 -> snapvault from mirror -> post_transfer_script -> acs lock snapvault snapshot on primary

########## Post Data Transfer commands ##########

[2014-04-11 17:22:35,387] INFO: SCF-00203: Executing [Post data transfer] command [ /opt/NTAP/scripts/vaulter/wrapper/ Backup_Mirror_Monthly] on server

2014-04-11 17:22:35,388] INFO: stdout: [2014-04-11 17:22:35,388] ERROR: stderr:500 Can't connect to localhost:8443 at /</u01/app/scServer4.1.0/snapcreator>SnapCreator/Service/ line 86

Any thoughts on calling SC from an existing SC config?







Please confirm that this is an intermittent problem?

Sounds like sometimes it works, sometimes it fails...

Is there anything noticeably different when it fails?  Does the job run longer or does it always fail at a certain time?

Do you have other jobs running at the same time (policy schedules)?

Intermittent problems are the best! /s

Calling a config from a confirm generally works fine - I have a video on this I'll probably post Monday.

I would typically suggest prefacing the command that is calling the config with SERVER: so that The Snap Creator Server is calling the second config from the server rather than from the agent.

This will be covered in the video also.

I'm guessing that you are doing this today, but not sure from the input above.