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Snap Creator 4.1 Videos - The Basics of Using Snap Creator


*Note:  Per a request from the Communities Moderator I have removed the embedded videos and provided links instead.  Sorry for any inconvenience*

SnapCreatorTV has a variety of videos available that show how to use different features and functions in Snap Creator:

I thought I'd briefly mention a couple videos that show the basics of using Snap Creator.

GUI Profiles and Configuration Files shows the basics of creating a profile in the GUI and walking through the Configuration File Wizard. [~5 minutes]:

Perhaps you want to create a configuration that uses SnapMirror - this video shows how [~4.5 minutes]:

Perhaps you want to create a configuration file that uses SnapVault - This video shows you how [~5 minutes]:

To check the status on jobs that have run in Snap Creator, as well as how to check the status of your Agents in Snap Creator, check out this video on the Snap Creator Job Monitor and Agent Monitor. [~4 minutes]:

This video on the Snap Creator Scheduler shows you how to schedule jobs through the Snap Creator GUI [~2.5 minutes]:

Want to know how to setup additional Users and Roles in Snap Creator?  This video walks through the basics. [~4 minutes]:

Sometimes you may not want to give your storage credentials to Snap Creator users, or perhaps you have settings that you want to be inherited at the Snap Creator Server level or the individual profile level.

Check out this video on Global Configuration Files [~6 minutes]:

Policy Objects are new in Snap Creator 4.1.  Policy Objects allow you to set retention policies at the profile level, meaning that retention policies can be applies to all of the configuration files within a profile.

You can also set policy schedules so that all of the configuration files within a profile are backed up at the same time.

To learn more about Policy Objects check out this video [6 minutes]:

Look for other videos on Snap Creator, at SnapCreatorTV:



Great videos - Thanks much John.