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Can you join 2 SnapCenter's into 1


We have 2 SnapCenters. 1 was an older version of Snap Manager/VSC, migrated to data broker appliance and then upgraded to 4.4 SnapCenter appliance. This has all our VMware vCenter metadata.

We've built a Physical Windows SnapCenter, which will be upgraded from 4.3 to 4.4 with physical SQL server database backup jobs.

We want to merge two together e.g. move the 4.4 SnapCenter appliance onto the Physical Windows SnapCenter.

We want to be able to manage jobs from 1 SnapCenter. We have created SQL database backup jobs for physical SQL servers, we want to use with VM's with SQL databases.

Is this possible?






The question posted is little complicated to answer as we do not know your complete environment. 


All the VM backups  are contained in the NSM database of the SCV appliance. All Virtual machine backup schedules are on SCV appliance. 

All the SQL backups are contained in the NSM database of Snapcenter Server. 

We assume that you have following setup 

SCV Appliance --- Connected to --- SnapCenter Server A

SQL hosts -- connected to --- SnapCenter Server B 

Now you would like to delete the SCV appliance from Snapcenter Server A and add it to Snapcenter Server B 

Is that accurate? 


If yes , you can do that. The reason being SCV appliance can exist by itself (just for VM backups) without SnapCenter server as the  VM backups are no longer stored on Snapcenter server  NSM database

(NSM -> Backend Mysql Database)


On the other hand if you have SQL databases on VMS and if you have SQL databases on RDM luns or VMDKS , the SCV appliance should be added to Snapcenter Server . All the Database related backups are stored in the NSM database of Snapcenter server


We recommend calling your account team or NetApp support hotline and provide us with more details to address your question




Thanks NTAp-AVS for your reply.

I'll ask NetApp support for more help.


To clarify, yes we do have 2 SnapCenters.

As per your details..

SCV Appliance --- Connected to --- SnapCenter Server A

NSM - SQL hosts -- connected to --- SnapCenter Server B 


Server A backs up VM's and Server B backs up SQL databases on physical servers.

We want to add Server A (SCV Appliance) to Server B (SQL hosts) and be able to see all jobs from Server B (One SnapCenter).


SCV Appliance has a different website to NSM e.g. https://<FQDN>:8080 for SCV and https://<FQDN>:8146 for NSM.

So it looks like we should just log into Server B ( https://<FQDN>:8146), click hosts, Manage Hosts and then add vCenter, which will then see the SCV Appliance metadata.