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Snapdrive - SDCLI and HA Config


We are loking to setup our Snapcentre 4.4 P1 servesr behind a load balancer. The load balancer provide s VIP/DNS Alias to access Snapcentre. From the SDCLI perspective, how to we specif this VIP? 



Those documents seem to be for the web interface side of Snapcentre though. What about the plugins? How are they Snapcentre aware i.e. how does SDCLI work when we failover the Snapcentre servers?


Hello @darraghos ,


I'm not sure I fully understand the question. The plugins are remotely installed and register based on host name.


If I understood you correctly you intend on using IP load balancing in front of the SnapCenter server, which should be irrelevant based on IP load balancing.


Please let me know if I am not understanding something in the question.


So if running the SDCLI command on a server that has say the Oracle plugin how does it talk back to the load balcner VIP for HA?