Data Backup and Recovery

Deleting Datasets and corresponding Snapshots


Hello Community,


out of changing some storage policies in Snapprotect we do have multiple protection sets and multiple SP-Volumes on Snapvault destination for Snapshot copy, for the same MSExchange database. We waited until all Snapshots aged but now we have the problem that the relationship is still aktive, althogh the data has aged (one Snapshot with aktive relationship was not deleted by data aging agent).


How can we remove the old relationship and the corresponding volume (snapshots inclusive) on Snapvault secondary without damaging something?


We first tried to delete the aged job in Snapprotect but there is no way to delete an aged job, because we can only find the aged job on the commcell level and not within the storage policy level.


We use Snapprotect 10R2 with OCUM 6.2 and cDot 8.3