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Description of error vmw-00142


Hi all,

I cannot find the description for error vmw-00142, the list only goes till 138.

Could someone pls link an updated error list?




The developer replied back that this is likely a credentials issue.  Check the user name and password.

Also, check the IP Address/Host Name for the controller and be sure you can correctly communicate.

Here is the email I was sent:

$msgObj->collect( \@message_a, ERROR, "[vmw-00142] ONTAP API connection to " . $sObjs[$l][$SOBJ_IPADDR] . " failed: " . $results->results_reason() );

The issue with vmw-00142 is generally that you can’t connect to the controller.  The API call is system-get-ontapi-version.  If this fails, the reason should be specified, but generally either the credentials are wrong, it’s the wrong IP address/hostname for the controller, or there’s a connectivity issue.

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Hello Spinks.


I am replying to this thread because I cannot find a way to contact you directly and would need assistance. We are having trouble with Domino plugin and are having the following error:


[2014-10-02 16:57:57,346] WARN: Could not load plugin domino. Reason: ERROR: [ltd-00009] Domino plugin cannot be run as root. at /</usr/SC_41/scAgent4.1.1/plugins/wrapper/wrapper>SnapCreator/MOD/ line 96.



When we run the agent with the domino user, then when the server tries to verify the agent, it cannot access it.


Thank you




I think you have a separate thread on this - I'm trying to catch up on old (to me) threads. 

Basically the Snap Creator Agent on a Domio host cannot be run as root since we are calling the Domino APIs which are not allowed to run as root.

Start the scAgent as the Domino user. 

Hope this helps!