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Error [vmw-00169] Cannot find NFS exports for datastore ***



I'm trying to use snapcreator VMware plugin and i got an error. I have only one VM selected in the datastore.

The VM is on an NFS datastore mounted from a vfiler. I have both vfiler and the Physical filer added in the configuration. The issue is the vfiler has two interfaces. One is non-routable storage netowrk and that’s the one connected to the vCenter. The other ip is what we are using.

I have requested a Nic to be added to Snapcreator Server(agent is on the same server) to the Storage network. This could take some time to go through change control. Meanwhile can someone suggest if there is anything else that needs to be configured?

I check http options and http.admin.enable is on.

Please let us know if you can provide some assistance. Thanks.




Please refer the thread here.

Also, please send me the snapcreator version, and vCenter version details.

It would also help if you email me your config file and any debug logs you have to sivar at

Also, please provide me with "exportfs" output from the storage controller.

Siva Ramanathan