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Failing over a Snapcenter Protected SQL DB VM via SRM


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Can anyone help me out with hopefully a simple question?


if I have a VM with a SQL DB which is protected via SnapCenter SCSQL, then the DB volumes Snapmirror udpate is managed via SnapCenter and we have an offsite copy that is application consistent.


If I want to fail over the same VM via SRM, it wants to snap and mirror all the volumes to the secondary site, I assume the DB volume snaps will not be application consistent or registered with Snapcenter therefore on failover I may not have an active DB?


Therefore how do I fail over this VM and make sure the DB is consistent on recovery? 


Can I use SRM and Snapcenter together, or do I need to abandon SRM and have a VM built and ready at the DR site and then mount the Snapcenter protected volumes/DBs in the event of a failover.


Welcome any suggestions and solutions adopted to shed light on this







If i understood your question correctly, you asking if the backup and mirror would still work if the VM been migrated to another vcenter via SRM. if thats the concern, you should be able to. The below kb explain what need to be done in case of backup failure :


Hope this answer your question.




hi there thats useful information but does not answer my question


The questions is can SRM and Snapcenter coexist and still provide an application consistent recovery at the DR site. My assumption is that SRM will take only crash consistent snapshots of the DB and therefore on failover the database may not recover. Also will these additional SRM snapshots interfere with Snapcenter Application consistent snapshots. i.e SC snaps every 8 hours and SRM every 24, so the updated blocks every 24hrs maybe corrupt and therefore prevent a Snapcenter DB restore as there is only one snapmirror relationship in use?


Therefore, should we use Snapcenter only and on failover perform a manual restore of the DB via snapcenter to a new VM?


hope this clarifies