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How to clear SD6.2 config where luns are on a non accessible iscsi portal ?



IHAC who restored a Windows 2008 server on a new site, where there are snapmirror copies of its luns that can be connected through iSCSI.

These copies are intended to work independently from original luns and server. So original luns and source storage are still on the network.

On the restored server, IQN has been changed and target portal to source storage has been removed, so the restored server can ping and connect through HTTP on the source storage.

But, this restored server has no access to source luns, which what we want.

The problem:

While this restored server has no access to the original source iSCSI portal, Snapdrive still shows the old luns.

The luns are not connected to the new server (you can't see them in Disk Management) but they show up in Snapdrive.

If we try to disconnect them from Snapdrive on the new server, then the lun is unmapped on the original server and not on the restored server.....

We try to uninstall SD and install it again. Every time, old luns show up even if there is no connection available to orignal luns.

Snapdrive versions are 6.2 or 6.2P1

My question is:

how can we clear the configuration of snapdrive so all previously connected luns don't show up again in Snapdrive GUI ?

Thank you in advance for any answer.

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What can you tell me about the host that was restored on the Mirrored side? Is the host name the same? Did they run sysprep?

It sounds to me like SnapDrive on this new host at the mirrored side is managing the original host. There is nothing preventing you from mapping / unmapping LUNs from both systems through the centralized interface.

If your customer does not want to see or manage the other (original) host I’d right-click on the original server name in that left-hand window and disconnect from that server.


Hi Joe,

The hostname will be the same for a while, but they don't have the same IP.

They didn't use sysprep but a software that restore systems (Evault from i365).

So you mean that it doesn't manage the destination host but the source host. You may be right.

Tomorrow, I will try to remove the management of that host.

Thank you for the idea: I didn't think to that at all because they have the same name.

Another idea: what if I stop the Snapdrive Manager service (not the snapdrive service) ?

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It's not possible to remove the source host in such a case, since snapdrive considers it is the local host.

I found out why snapdrive was connecting to the old server instead of the local server: it's because it uses the hostname and there was an issue with name resolution.

When the customer restored the server, he changed the ip adress and didn't integrate the AD, but he forgot to change the local hosts file in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

After changing this, it works well.