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Invoke-NcSsh failing with ONTAP 9.3


Hi All,

 I wonder if I'm the only one who had been annoyed with the way SC(F) look up for relationships (vault,snapmirror  -- lists ALL that exists on controllers and then "finds" one that already specified in config file) ? As we all had been "blessed" with NetApp decision in ONTAP 9.3 to default to XDP engine over previous DP for snapmirror relationships it breaks mentioned products if the same source volume has snapvault to secondary relationship and snapmirror to DR as both now of type XDP and products seems to be completely ignorant about policy-type attribute and getting mad at users with error indicating multiple XDP destinations aren't supported ..does anyone knows how to "educate" SCF to differentiate relationships by snapmirror policy-type and not the type?



I think you are having this problem because 'invoke-NcSsh' cmdlet has an issue with Ontap 9.3

maybe you can watch the following to get updates on the status.