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Starting to use SnapCreator 4.3.0 for taking MySQL snaps and SnapMirror updates.  I would like to replicate the MySQL plugin and make some changes.  From doing a bit of reading of the Administrator guide I've read that plugin are located on the scAgent side and not the scServer side however I've done some 'grepping' and can’t seem to find where the plugin for MySQL is located (other than Binary Jar matches).  I would have thought it would have been, since it’s a native plugin, under /plugins/native.  Any pointers to where the MySQL plugin resides would be most appreciate as well as any other 'lessons learned' for modifying/editing built-in plugins.

The need for this arose from the fact that the MySQL plugin was creating a read lock for about 13-15seconds while snapshots of the data and binlog volumes were being created.  So we we would like to do the following:
1.    Since the MySQL Plugin creates a read lock, which is both a read and write lock, which we’ve found unnecessary in our environment, we'd like to have a plugin that just does a write lock and lets reads continue.
2.    We would like to have the ability to just backup binary logs which would only require a ‘flush logs’ command be run.

I know some of you are going to say ‘just write your own plugin’ and we’re investigating doing that.  Or modify an existing configuration file, comment out ‘APP_NAME=mysql’ and write some
APP_QUIESCE_CMD##  commands (I get the idea this is possible please let me know if I'm wrong).

I was also wondering if there’s a NetApp SnapCreator plugin developers guide?  I’ve downloaded some of the community plugins written in python (haven’t looked closely at them yet) and I’ve looked at some of the example plugins in /plugins/examples (also haven’t had a chance to look closely at those either).

Anyway, sorry for the rant, and thanks for any suggestions and pointers.





Please check if its installed under \NetApp\WFA\mysql\bin\mysql.exe.


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