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problem with watchdog, unquiesce mysql database



I'm using a MySQL Server 5.7 community edtion on an Windows Server 2008 R2, both are 64bit versions. The SnapCreator with the MySQL-Plugin also runs on this machine. My problem is that I always get the following error message, when I want to create a snapshot:

ERROR: [ (] Operation failed. Reason: The watchdog killed the running operation. Verify that plugins/wrapper/wrapper binary has execute permission set. Increase the WRAPPER_TIMEOUT_IN_MSEC value in if operations require more time to complete.

ERROR: SCF-00033: Application unquiesce for plug-in [mysql] failed with exit code [102], proceeding with backup!

I have tried to set a higher timeout but this didn't change anything. After the timeout is over the backup proceed and gets finished with errors. The watchdog option is disabled but the process runs anyway. I didn't find any similar issue here so I hope that anybody could help me. Thanks!





Check for sufficient space on the directory where Snap Creator is installed.  Snap Creator writes temporary files during normal use.

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Hi, thanks for answering. There is enough space on each volume. I can't understand why the commands at "App Commands" are ignored by SC agent. If I use the "Pre Commands" they will work. As I said the problem is that automatically unquiesce not works. If I use the "Action/Unquiesce" there isn't any issue.


Does anybody else have similar issues with backup of mysql databases? How do you go ahead to get a successfully backup?