Data Backup and Recovery

Mount VMware Snapshot


Is there any easy way to mount a Snapshot created with the Snap Creator VIBE plug-in onto a ESX server for single fire recovery purposes?  (Similar to clicking a SMVI backup in VSC and selecting "Mount")

The lun clone/vol clone operations within SC come close to this but they always take a new snapshot; I'm looking to run this against a previously taken snapshot.  Ideally you'd be able to click on a snapshot in Data>Snapshot and create a clone from it; with the GUI including the necessary prompts for which iGroup or NFS export settings to use for the ESX server.



I believe this functionality is coming in SC 3.6... Not there today in the GUI..



You can in 3.5 using mount / umount but it is CLI only option. Basically what it will do is create netapp clone based on snapshot and then export clone to ESX based on clone settings: NFS or IGROUP. At this point you log into vCenter run a rescan and import datastore, that is it.

In SC 3.6 the mount and umount options are available in GUI in easy to use wizzard. We still don't do the vCenter part but this is pretty easy, you can even automate it if you want

Beyond SC 3.6 we certainly plan on adding the vCenter piece of the mount and umount functionality. However SC offers quite a bit of flexibility just not as easy to use as SMVI. For example if you use snapvault you can create a new config point it at snapvault volume and guess what, use the mount and umount to clone snapshot from snapvault and export it to ESX.




Awesome! Thanks for the extra details Keith.