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New SnapCenter Configuration Questions




I am standing up SnapCenter for the first time. I installed 4.0P4 as standalone and am reading through documentation to determine next steps. Here are some questions I'm hoping someone can assist with:


  • Should I add the Windows server that hosts SnapCenter as a managed host, add a LUN, and move the SnapCenter database to that LUN? Is that a "best practice"?
  • Why am I unable to add any users or groups? I select the SnapCenterAdmin role, modify role, and add our domain and my username. I get the following each time: "Could not add user or group. The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist."


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



1)You can have Snapcenter server on LUN too. if you plan to take backup of that and its not mandatory.

2)Please try below steps to resolve the user issue:

1. Login to SnapCenter Host.
2. Open IIS manager
 Select Application pools
 Select SnapCenter
 Advanced settings
 Select Identity
 Select Custom account.

In custom account give the account which was used to install snapcenter.

3. After changing the customer account to the account which was used to install snapcenter. Restart the SnapCenter site.
4. Clear the Brower cache before login to SC.




you can keep SC local, but you have to add a FC or iSCSI lun to back up SC to this lun.


If you add something to SC with a private (dedicated to a person) account, it sticks to this account.

If the password is changed or the account is locked, SC is blocked.




@pranjithand @marcusgross thank you both for your comments.


@pranjith I tried the steps to resolve the issue issue but it did not resolve it for me unfortunately. I will likely be opening a NetApp Support case.

@marcusgross, regarding your last comment, if I add things (resources, backup jobs, etc.) with the account I set up SnapCenter with, does it show up for all other users as well?




I you create i.e. a backup job, SC runs it with your credentials. If you change your password, it failes to run.







In case anyone searches this, regarding adding groups, turns out the service account also needed to be granted read rights to the Users and Computers folders in AD. Once that was done (+ the IIS changes mentioned earlier in this thread) I could add users and groups without issue.