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Is there a OSSV SnapCreator integration video comming soon ?

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At one point we had a video on this but it was old so we took it down. If I have time I will try and create one.

Do you have any specific questions about it?

Basically you install OSSV, use --action ossv in SC (cli), and setup OSSV* parameters in config file. SC would put an application in backup mode, do a snapvault transfer using ossv, take snapvault snapshot, and return application into normal mode. You can also do this without application integration of course.




Hello Keith,

In the meantime we managed more or less to accomplish an OSSV transfer. It's not that straightforward however. Lots of trial and error to get it to work. One RFE would be, adding the action OSSV in de SC Schedule GUI. A video would also be nice, not only for us but also for others that want to configure OSSV and SC in the future. Ideal would be that retention and monitoring is done at the OM/PM level and SC is only used for pre/post jobs for OSSV. Maybe I must tell you first, why we are looking at SC. We have a couple of OSSV's for remote servers that we want to backup that way. We had them configured in DFM/PM and this works. There are two drawbacks however:

1. If you have them in one dataset (how we like it), they are all updating at the same time (1 schedule). If you have 25 servers (both with C: / 😧 / Z: drive and systemstate) you end up with 100 OSSV relationships.

2. There is now way to have a pre/post task for the server (or ossv agent) through the PM (not in an easy way).

Above is possible with SC (discovered the product just recently).

I have difficulties in understanding why NetApp is building a additional product for this and doesn't integrate the SC functionality in the DFM/PM or the new onCommand Suite that also has a Client/Server architecture (but maybe this is the case, because I don't know all the features yet). I get they impression however that one day nobody will see the wood for the threes anymore.




Hi Geet,

Yes I agree the OSSV implementation in SC needs some improvement and it isn't as easy as it should be.

I am not sure you are aware but Snap Creator also offers a unique developer community and in addition to NetApp supported release on NOW a community supported release. By joining the developer community you get access to bug tracking system, email DL, and even most of the source code. I will open an RFE for your request but you can follow it and even test it with community version when available.

Go join goto (you need a NOW account with a NetApp serial number associated to get accessa and join).

RFE for ossv action in GUI:

I will see about creating video for this




Hello Keith,

Thanks for that.

If I go to the webstie, I am redirected to I have a now account (as customer, not a partner) and get the following message :

TechNet Access

At this time it does not appear your company is eligible to access the TechNet portal.

If you feel this is in error, please contact the NetApp Help Desk to troubleshoot your issue.

Thank you

Also the gives a 404 "This is not the webpage you are looking for".

Isn't there any intention for integration with DFM/PM or onCommand products ?


then you dont have a valid NOW account. Please follow this document to troubleshoot:

Likely you never registered a NetApp serial number to NOW account

You wont have access to github until you sign up at

As for DFM/PM or integration with OC products, SC integrates with many:

1) DFM proxy - allows SC to communicate through DFM so no storge controller access

2) OM Events - SC can send events to OM

3) SnapDrive - SC fully integrates with SDW and SDU

4) PM - SC fully integrates with PM allowing for it to register snapshots in PM and use PM to perform data protection

5) Integration with SME and SMSQL

6) OSSV integration

And that is just off top of my head

There are no plans to use PM schedules when we are using OSSV through SC, that would be rather difficult to do, you can certainly open an RFE for it but it likely wont get worked on in the short-term at least.