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PM Integration issue


Hi again!

A small issue that would be nice to have a workaround/solve for.

We use PM for retention times for both primary and secondary data.

So we do not allow SC to delete snapshots.

Fine so far.

The issue is when PM dataset gets in a non-conformant mode.

This makes SC fail to update PM with the snapshot information, but SC do the snapshot anyway.

So basically i end up with a snaåshot on the primary side that PM is unaware of.

So the retention policy on PM will not make this snapshot be deleted.

I  would like to have an option that makes SC not keep the snapshot if the PM update fails basically.

Regards Magnus



Hi Magnus,

Thanks for pointing this out, you are absolutely correct. I opened an issue to change this behavior so that if snapshot registration in PM fails, SC will remove snapshot as default behavior.

We will also provide a way to turn off this behavior in case folks are using SnapManager and dont want the snap deleted even if it cant be registered in PM.

If you have access to the developer community you can track it here:

Currently only partners and internal folks have access to where you can signup but we are hoping to add everyone with a NOW account soon, so stay tuned.




Hello Keith,

we got a similar problem with snapcreator 3.5. PM says that the snapcreator Dataset is non conformant. The SC does the snapshots und update the snapvault relation.




If SC says dataset is not conformant then that means the dataset in PM is not conformant (this message is coming from PM not SC) which means you have a configuration issue somewhere in PM. A dataset must be conformant otherwise we can't register snapshot in PM or do anything.




There are two other problems with PM integration.

1. PM cannot see any diffrence between policy types in SC dataset.

In my tests i run daily snapshot once a day and hourly every 4th hour.

Then i have a PM schedule running on daily policy once per day.

It snapvaults all SC snapshots that are registered and not snapvaulted not taking policy type into account.

2. Primary retention times is ignored.

I have set 1day retention for primary snapshots and 3day retention on secondary snapshots in PM dataset policy.

It uses 3days retention on all snapshots, ignoring the 1day retention policy for primary data.

I have filed a case on this but getting very slow response im afraid.



Hi Magnus,

1. No idea why policy passed to PM is ignored. As you can clearly see SC is passing policy to PM, look at debug and you will see. From our end there is not much more we can do. Maybe this is caused by not running the dataset with the same retention as SC is passing in? I would open case on this. If you can determine SC isn't doing something it should be doing and what it should be doing let us know.

2. You need SC 3.5 for this and you need to re-create dataset with SC 3.5. We were not supporting this feature until 3.5.

Either use GUI, 3.5 will give you option when creating dataset if you want PM to handle primary retention or CLI:

Set NTAP_SNAPSHOT_NODELETE=Y then run --action pmsetup to create new dataset. If the option NTAP_SNAPSHOT_NODELETE=Y is set we set flag so PM can manage primary snapshots.

In SC 3.6 you wont need to re-create dataset to make changes, we can update it