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Question about SNAPVAULT_QTREE_INCLUDE option



Was just using SC3.3 (don't know if this applies to SC3.4) and I had to use this SNAPVAULT_QTREE_INCLUDE option for the first time because we have a volume with multiple qtrees but I only wanted to do a snapvault update on one of them.  However, I also have multiple volumes from different arrays as part of this single configuration file and what I found is that if you use this SNAPVAULT_QTREE_INCLUDE option you have to use it for all qtrees on all volumes you want included in the snapvault backup.

I don't know if this was intended or not but I think it shouldn't be the default behavior of this option - it should only apply to the qtrees you specify for this option and then treat all other volumes in the configuration normally (snapvault updating all qtrees in the volume).  If that can't be changed it would be helpful to add documentation that states the SNAPVAULT_QTREE_INCLUDE feature is an all or nothing item - use it for all qtrees in all volumes you want updates on or not at all.  Thanks!




Hi Dave,

Yep this is the expected behavior and it is the same in SC 3.4.0. It is an all or nothing option. I will look at documentation it sounds misleading.

As for next release, I will open feature request for this. I am not sure how tricky it is to change the behavior but we will look into it.

So just to understand you only want it to apply to a volume? So once a qtree is included from volume, it is all or none for that volume but other volumes do not apply?



Exactly - it would be great if it only applied to volumes you list for this variable, while treating all other volumes as if you'd never invoked this feature.  This is useful when I only need it for one specific volume out of a whole group of volumes I'm working with.  Just my personal preference, if others like it as is then I say leave it but adding to the documentation that if it's used it must be used for all qtrees would be helpful.  Thanks!