Data Backup and Recovery



Hi everyone I am using vcenter 5.5 and netapp virtual storage console, i am testing the production VM.

Lets say Datasore1-Related Objects-I have selected one backup and clicked MOUNT.

Selected an ESXi host to mount the backup- I selected ESXi hostname :


Under Datastore and Datastore clusters : i can see

Datastore1(Backup mylastbackup_date) mounted on Esxi02.


I browsed datastore(Datastore1(Backup mylastbackup_date) and i can see my VM, here should i copy the VM  to other datastore or should i just add vmx file to inventory.

How is the process running at backgroud as i am new to netapp VSC. What is happening at storage level and hypervisor level, if i add it to inventory without copying it to other datastore, where will it get space to restore, is it from snapshot reservation at the storage level)


After that i can poweron VM with test network and remove it from inventory and unmount the backup.

Is this right right procedure to test Netapp VSC