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SDW 6.x and Space reservation settings on FlexClones just like SDU 4.X ?



IHAC which has all its volume options to fractional_reserve=0 and garantee=volume.

Each time SDW 6.x creates a flexclone, it creates it with garantee=none (for SMSQL DBCC Check purpose) consequences are that the fractional_reserve is automatically change to 100%, the results are presented here for illustration, every night it gives a "FULL VOLUME" alert:

Tue Dec 14 02:06:38 CET [XXXXXXXX: wafl.volume.clone.fractional_rsrv.changed:info]: Fractional reservation for clone 'sdw_cl_XXXXXX_log_0' was changed to 100 percent because guarantee is set to 'file' or 'none'.

Tue Dec 14 02:06:42 CET [XXXXXXXX: wafl.volume.clone.created:info]: Volume clone sdw_cl_XXXXXX_log_0 of volume XXXXXX_log was created successfully.

Tue Dec 14 02:06:43 CET [XXXXXXXX: lun.newLocation.offline:warning]: LUN /vol/sdw_cl_XXXXXX_log_0/XXXXXX_log/RECECC1_log.lun has been taken offline to prevent map conflicts after a copy or move operation.

Tue Dec 14 02:06:46 CET [XXXXXXX: ems.engine.inputSuppress:info]: Event '' suppressed 7 times since Sat Dec 11 21:21:45 CET 2010.

Tue Dec 14 02:06:46 CET [XXXXXXX:]: Unable to grow volume 'sdw_cl_xxxxxx_log_0' to recover space: Volume cannot be grown beyond maximum growth limit

Tue Dec 14 02:07:00 CET [XXXXXXX: monitor.globalStatus.nonCritical:warning]: /vol/sdw_cl_xxxxxx_log_0 is full (using or reserving 100% of space and 0% of inodes, using 72% of reserve).

Is there any options in Snapdrive 6.x to explicitely force the space reservartion on Flexclone just like we can do on SDU 4.X to avoid this behaviour ?


Valéry Loiseau.



This is actually DataONTAP issue and was introduced somewhere around 7.2.3. DataONTAP would force fractional reserve to 100% unless guarantee is set to volume.

This should be fixed as of 7.3.3:

"You can only set fractional reserve for a volume with a space guarantee of none with Data ONTAP version 7.3.3 and later and version 8.0.1 and later."


thanks, I just wanted to avoid upgrade, if there are some configuration files (like with storacl) or registry value we can use to modify the Snapdrive behaviour like we can do in Snapdrive for Unix.