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SM for Exchange - Databases listed as Invalid




I will start by saying ive never sued snap manager for exchange before...


i wonder if anyone can advise me please, ive installed SME version on to all of my Exchagne 2013 servers.

I have ran the SME configurtaion wizard on all of the exhcnage servers and they all completed without a hitch.....


Im using SM for Exchange with a DAG on 2013, so the DAG was added when it asks you to add a serevr to be managed. There are 4x Exchange servers and an even number of database copies across the servers.


Im getting the error of "invalid" next to all of my databases within the backup TAB regardless of which server i am connected to. I have also restrated the snap manager service on all 4 servers but that hasnt made a difference


the databases are also greyed out so you cant "tick" the box....



Im not sure what ive done wrong in all honnestsy, the database and logs are on seperate luns on each servers.


if anyone can give any guidance on this it would be appreciated