Data Backup and Recovery



Hello ,

having few questions about SMO

Software versions are :

Snapdrive Version 4.2

SnapManager for Oracle version: 3.1

Oracle 11gR2

SLES 10 sp3

1) SMO settings are to keep backups for some time , after they expired they will be removed ,  unfortunately our oracle outsourcing company dont trust SMO backups , so we still using also rman backups , so headache is that SMO dont remove backup information from rman catalog and control file information growing ....How is possible to get that 2 things to work together ?

2) If i setup from cli , to use volume auto grow and autodelete snapshots , will SMO snapshots affected with this ? i`m not sure that autodelete will also delete smo snapshots from smo repository as well ....

thanks in advance





As long as the backups are retained by SMO, it will also have the catalogued information in RMAN.

Even if the  backup is freed(snapshots are deleted and SMO maintains information in repository), then still the information will be available in the RMAN catalog.

If you are not using "Protection Manager", please check /opt/NetApp/smo/properties/smo.config. The parameter retain.alwaysFreeExpiredBackups should be set to false.


If this is set to true, SMO will retain all the backup information in SMO repository as well as in RMAN catalog. This will increase the size of the repository database and RMAN catalog or control file.

SMO will uncatalog the information from RMAN only when the backup is deleted via SMO.